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  • meysenAV_write-t

    Question words

    by on 2012/01/17 - 4 Comments

    Depending on what sort of information we want, we use one of the following question words: Who wrote that book? (person) What is your name? (thing) Whic...

  • Modal Verbs

    by on 2011/07/22 - 1 Comments

    Modals       MODAL VERBS are a small group of verbs that are used with other verbs to change their meaning in the sentence in various ways . ...

  • The future tense

    by on 2011/07/22 - 0 Comments

    The future tense   To Express intention/ decision  or predict what will happen you can use :   will future to be+ going to + infinitive ...


    by on 2011/07/22 - 2 Comments

      REPORTED  SPEECH   When we re-tell or report other people’s words it is important to pay attention to introducing verbs as they give us the tone o...

  • Question Tags

    by on 2011/07/28 - 0 Comments

      NEGATIVE SENTENCE AFFIRMATIVE QUESTION TAG You aren´t nervous, Are you? The Changing of the Guard doesn´t take place every day, Doe...