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Telling the Time

This a worksheet dedicated to beginners to get some telling time skills.

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Discussion cards on Zodiac Signs

Discussion cards on Zodiac Signs vocabulary and personality adjectives. The aim of the activity is to learn adjectives describing personality, and mainly motiva...

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Environment Cards

This is set of cards to get your students talking about the ENVIRONMENT. Each card contains a word and its definition.

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Food Reading

This is a reading worksheet for teaching or revising food related vocabulary at pre-intermediate level.

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First Conditional

This is a worksheet for teaching or revising conditionals.

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This is a pretty simple worksheet for teaching or revising rephrasing at pre-intermediate or intermediate level.

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Articles Elementary Worksheet

This is very simple worksheet for revising articles (a/an) at elementary level. Download:a an

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Past Simple Elementary Worksheet

THis is a simple and colourful worksheet for teaching or revising the past simple tense and elementary level. Download: 63 past simple

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Gerund and Infinitive Worksheet

This is a worksheet for teaching or revising gerunds and infinitives. Black and White version included. Download:gerund and infinitive

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Jobs and Occupations Boardgame

A simple and colourful boardgame for teaching or revising jobs related vocabulary. Download:jobs and occupations board game

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Days of the Week Classroom Poster

This is a colourful days of the week poster. It is useful to have in the classroom to recall the days of the week each lesson. There is also a small train incl...

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Ordinal Numbers- Poster

THIS POSTER  CAN BE USED TO TEACH, REVIEW OR REINFORCE THE SPELLING OF THE ORDINAL NUMBERS.   Alternative download link: Click here to download this file

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past simple


Simple Past Classroom Poster

A colourful classroom poster which can also be used as a study sheet on past simple regular verbs. Available in both colour and black and white version.

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the press crossword


The Press

This is a simple crossword puzzle for revising the press related vocabulary. Download here : the-press

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Parts of the Body

This is a pretty simple crossword puzzle for teaching or revising parts of the body related vocabulary. The worksheet is available in both colour and black a...

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Present Continuous

A set of conversation cards to revise the present continuous tense. For elementary students.

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30 Irregular Verbs

A picture dictionary, which can also be used as a classroom poster followed by a wordsearch puzzle for teaching Irregular verbs. The answer key is included ...

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Causative use of the Verbs Get and Have

Grammar guide and exercises to practice, for low advanced or high intermediate students (key included)

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House and Furniture BoardGame

This is a boardgame for teaching house and furniture related vocabulary at elementary level.

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Prepositions of place

Prepositions of Place  board game to consolidate topic. Students advance on the board, when they land on a square they must answer the question " Where is the d...

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Verb to be – Past Simple

It´s a very easy worksheet to practise the past of the verb TO BE. It has a short grammar reference and three activities to practise the affirmative, negative a...

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The Game of Opposites

Photocopy and cut out the cards. Distribute them among your students for them to play the game. Part IPart II

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back to


Back to School

This is a set of five different back to school posters to decorate your classroom.  

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The Human Body

Picture dictionary which can also be used as a classroom poster on Body parts vocabulary.

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Present Continuous

This is a worksheet for revising the present continuous tense. There is a brief explanation followed by an activity in which students are asked to complete dif...

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Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

  Printable Worksheet Alternative Download Link:Download here

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Bathroom – Pictionary + matching exercise

Printable worksheet Download here

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Verb To Be – Game

This is a good way of teaching the verb “To BE” (affirmative, negative and interrogative) Alternative download link: Download here

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There is / There are …

A worksheet suitable for elementary level students on there is / there are , some/ any and prepositions of place. It includes explanations, examples sentence...

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teaching clothing with songs

http://www.esl4kids.net/songs/clothes.html http://www.isabelperez.com/songs/hat.htm http://www.quia.com/jw/297155.html http://www.songsforteaching.com/...

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