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Sentence Linking: Time and Sequence

This is a worksheet for teaching or revising sentence linking at pre-intermediate level. There's a brief explanation followed by two different exercises to go w...

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Gobal Communication

This is a worksheet for revising global communication related vocabulary at intermediate level. Download: global-communication

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Some or any?

This is a very simple worksheet for teaching or revising some and any at elementary level. Download: same-any-2  

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Agreement and Disagreement Tags

A worksheet for teaching agreement and disagreement tags at elementary level. Agreement and Disagreement Tags

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A worksheet for revising articles at pre-intermediate level. There are 2 different exercises in which students are asked to fill in the blank spaces with the co...

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daily routines


Daily Routines

This is a very simple matching activity for teaching daily routines related vocabulary. Download: daly-routines-matching

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Relative Clauses

This is a PowerPoint presentation based on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" TV show for teaching or revising revising relative clauses. Recommended for pre-inter...

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Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

This is a worksheet for revising the differences between the past simple and past continuous tense at pre-intermediate level. The answer key is included. ...

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Present Tenses

This is a 2-page worksheet for revising present tenses: present simple, present continuous and present perfect at intermediate level. Download : present-tenses

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Countable and Uncountable Nouns

This is a worksheet for teaching or revising countable and uncountable nouns at intermediate level. The answer key is included. Download: countable-and-un...

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Days of the Week Classroom Poster

This is a colourful days of the week poster. It is useful to have in the classroom to recall the days of the week each lesson. There is also a small train incl...

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Ordinal Numbers- Poster

THIS POSTER  CAN BE USED TO TEACH, REVIEW OR REINFORCE THE SPELLING OF THE ORDINAL NUMBERS.   Alternative download link: Click here to download this file

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past simple


Simple Past Classroom Poster

A colourful classroom poster which can also be used as a study sheet on past simple regular verbs. Available in both colour and black and white version.

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Causative use of the Verbs Get and Have

Grammar guide and exercises to practice, for low advanced or high intermediate students (key included)

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Prepositions of place

Prepositions of Place  board game to consolidate topic. Students advance on the board, when they land on a square they must answer the question " Where is the d...

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  Worksheet on Possessive pronouns  and Possessive adjectives Alternative Download Link: Download here

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30 Irregular Verbs

A picture dictionary, which can also be used as a classroom poster followed by a wordsearch puzzle for teaching Irregular verbs. The answer key is included ...

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House and Furniture BoardGame

This is a boardgame for teaching house and furniture related vocabulary at elementary level.

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Regular Verbs – Flash-Cards

  Set of 27 Cards / Flash-cards to teach Past simple / Regular verbs Alternative download link: Click here to download this file

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Parts of the Body

This is a pretty simple crossword puzzle for teaching or revising parts of the body related vocabulary. The worksheet is available in both colour and black a...

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Worksheets / Random
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Endangered aninmals

    Printable worksheet

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Halloween II

An adorable set of Halloween cards.

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Past Continuous

  This is a fully editable set of exercises based on past continuous tense.

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Can / Can´t -ability or capacity

Some exercises to practise CAN with beginners. Talking about abilities, including gap filling, answering questions. Followed by a short writing  exercise. donw...

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Will or going to?

Students have to complete the sentences with the FUTURE ( will or going to) of the verbs in brackets. B&W version and Key included. Recommended f...

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    Set of 18 speaking cards. The aim is practicing grammar (Wh-questions) and developing the students’ speaking.     ...

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Possessive determiners and Possessive Pronouns

A worksheet for teaching possessive determiners and pronouns. There´s a brief explanation and 4 different activities to go with it.

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Present simple vs present continuous

Ficha de trabalho Printable worksheet Download here

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  A picture dictionary on animals vocabulary which can also be used as a classroom poster. click here to download this file

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Halloween Mini-Book

Your students will love this adorable Halloween mini book.

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